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Property damage due to water leaks and flooding can be significant, especially if it’s not handled quickly. TIME MATTERS!

We WORK with your insurance company, and as a full-service General Contractor, we offer a better VALUE. We will do everything we can to REDUCE your out of pocket costs.

ACT QUICKLY - Water will quickly spread to hidden areas of your home or business, penetrating flooring, sub-flooring, walls, foundations and baseboards.

If not properly removed, this remaining water / moisture can cause costly damage like buckling, rot and mold. Different types of water require different approaches to ensure that there are no lasting health impacts to the leak or flooding.

PRS Construction has technicians available 24 hours a day, 7-days a week and within minutes of receiving of your call, we’ll put our team into action to resolve your water damage and minimizing the impact to your home or business.

As an experienced and licensed General Contractor, PRS Construction can manage the entire process from initial water removal through reconstruction.