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Types of Water

In order for us to properly restore your property to industry specifications, our Technicians must first identify the category and classification of water causing the flooding/damage. The restoration process will be specific to the type of water contamination. 

  • White / Category 1 Water - is water that is typically "clean" and comes from a outside a non-polluted source like a water line running into a water heater or sink faucet.

  • Gray / Category 2 Water - water that comes from laundry, bathing or dishwashing.  Compared to black water, it doesn’t have bacteria that are as harmful and dangerous. 

  • Black / Category 3 Water - water contaminated by feces and other bodily wastes. This is water that is flushed down your toilets and contains bacteria that can be harmful to people. That is why it's treatment is typically more intense than White or Gray water.

PRS Construction Water Types
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