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Water Damage Emergency Tips

We're available 24/7 and will get our team of Flood Technicians to your property as quickly as possible.


In the meantime, here are some things* you can do to help mitigate any additional damage to your property or contents:

Flood and water damage removal and restoration  - PRS Construction - Charlotte, NC
Flood and water removal, damage repair and restoration  - PRS Construction - Charlotte, NC

*With any flooding or water damage, MAKE SURE YOU'RE SAFE:

  • Are there any electrical hazards?

  • Any potential for slips or falls?

  • Water logged materials can be heavy, can they be safely lifted?

  • Is there any risk based on type of water?

  • Only do what you think is safe for you and other inhabitants

  • If in doubt, wait for us to arrive!

What to do next:

  • Try to eliminate the source of leak or flooding (e.g. turn off water valve or main water line)

  • If you’re unable to turn off the source of water, try using towels or drop cloths to form a barrier or redirect water to safer area

  • Remove excess water by mopping, blotting or using a wet vac

  • Move valuable art and belongings to a safe / dry area

  • Move furniture out of / away from water source or standing water

  • If you’re unable to move the furniture, try to prop up on blocks with a layer of aluminum foil between furniture and blocks

  • Remove and prop up or hang wet upholstery, cushions or pillows

  • Turn on air conditioning / HVAC fan to circulate air and speed drying process

  • If safe to do so, utilize portable fans to help aid drying process

  • Remove and hang up rugs / floor coverings

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